Strategic Plan

Mission: To provide redevelopment and affordable housing opportunities to strengthen our neighborhoods.

Five-Year Vision: Become the preeminent development organization:

  • In partnership with BLAEDC and EDA
  • As an integral part of community success
  • Through collaborative efforts with other community agencies
  • Doing development in the city of Brainerd
  • By maintaining a high performer on Federal programs
  • By assisting more people than ever before

Goals and Action Steps

  1. Continue the redevelopment of commercial, rental and owner-occupied properties in the City of Brainerd.
    • Prepare a succession plan for the rehab coordinator
    • Begin the implementation of the Riverfront Partnership Plan
    • Explore funding to acquire 1-2 more properties under the Scattered Site Replacement Program
    • Survey NE Brainerd’s housing stock for a potential SCDP application
    • Identify resources for rental rehab
    • Assist the CWC HRA with the redevelopment of Brainerd Oaks
  2. Continue to explore options to assist in the revitalization of downtown Brainerd and formalize the relationship with Brainerd Restoration.
    • Schedule a tour of other downtowns with our partners
    • Assist the Northern Pacific Center and Brainerd Industrial Center with their redevelopment needs
    • Explore refinancing the downtown TIF District bonds
    •  Continue providing high quality, safe and affordable housing for existing and potential residents and participants.
    • Assist the City with revising the Rental Housing Maintenance Code
    • Maintain High Performer Status and 100% SEMAP score
    • Implement recommendations from the energy audit and physical needs assessment
    • Review Brainerd HRA policies and revise where necessary
    • Complete elevator upgrade and apply for additional grant funds for our public housing units
  3. Communicate effectively with our partners and the public to enhance collaboration.
    • Revitalize the Healthy Community Partnership Housing Task Force
    • Provide quarterly updates to the City Council
    • Educate the community, City Council and partners on the Brainerd HRA
    • Celebrate the Brainerd HRA’s 50th anniversary
    • Hold staff introductions at Board meetings
    • Hold semi-annual meetings with the Crow Wing County HRA and Crosby HRA and explore partnerships