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To provide affordable housing and redevelopment opportunities to strengthen our neighborhoods and community.


Become the preeminent development organization:

• Approachable and supportive as an integral part of community success
• Through collaborative efforts with other community partners
• Development in the city of Brainerd
• Redevelopment
• Increase housing availability

Goals & Action Steps

1. Workforce Retention and Development.

• Maintain stable workforce – focus on retention and additions.
• Support well-trained, competent, and professional workforce.
• Succession planning – transfer of institutional knowledge preserved and applied through cross-training.
• Monitor staff capacity and well-being while managing 3 HRA’s.

2. Intentional Decisions for Properties to be Redeveloped.

• Assist with City acquisition of former state hospital site.
• Explore possible redevelopment in south Brainerd.
• Washington Street redevelopment and application for a SCDP grant.
• Use available resources to optimize redevelopment success.
• Update housing study and needs.

3. Engage Developers.

• Guide and mentor developers to greater successes through our expertise.
• Identify potential clients within nonprofit organizations.
• Utilize available funding and resources.
• Continually review financial impact on HRA and increase revenue.
• Use technology to make programs and opportunities known and easier to access.

4. Acquire Lands.

• Explore capacity to acquire large tract of land and sell smaller parcels to developers.
• Creation of more housing: especially 1- and 2-bedroom units.
• Increase senior level living and meet the needs of increasing boomer retirees.
• Explore housing needs and types of housing that are lacking.

5. Build efficiencies within the 3 – 4 HRA’s within Crow Wing County.

• Discover efficiencies and reduce duplications resulting in possible budget savings.
• Investigate the viability of combining to one agency.
• Collaborate on more housing available across the HRA’s.
• Keep abreast of HUD issues and changes.
• Collaborate and communicate with our elected officials.