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To provide affordable housing and redevelopment opportunities to strengthen our neighborhoods and community.


Become the preeminent development organization:

  • In partnership with BLAEDC and EDA
  • As an integral part of community success
  • Through collaborative efforts with other community agencies
  • Doing development in the city of Brainerd
  • By remaining a high performer on Federal programs
  • By assisting more people than ever before

Goals & Action Steps

1.  Continue the redevelopment of commercial, rental and owner-occupied properties in the City of Brainerd.

  • Explore funding for rehab around schools.
  • Work with ISD 181 to identify homes being purchase and assist families in staying within the City of Brainerd.
  • Support the River to Rail initiative and provide a quarterly update.
  • Assist new or existing businesses to acquire funds for gap funding including BUF, IF and City Revolving Loan Program.
  • Support the Brainerd Industrial Center and the NP Center in redevelopment initiatives.

2.  Continue providing high quality, safe and affordable housing for existing and potential residents and participants.

  • Continue to assist the City with revising the Rental Housing Maintenance Code.
  • Apply for VASH vouchers.
  • Continue to monitor and fully fund the Housing Choice Voucher program to maintain our utilization at 100%.
  • Explore repositioning public housing options.
  • Maintain a high performer status in PHAS.

3.  Enhance collaboration and communication with partners and the public to support neighborhood growth and development.

  • Continue to identify and communicate with our partners on HRA projects.
  • Explore the Housing Supports program with Crow Wing County and Lutheran Social Services.
  • Support the Brainerd Riverfront Committee’s plaza.
  • Annually review and monitor management agreements with CWC HRA, Crosby HRA, and the City of Brainerd.
  • Explore efficiencies with other HRA’s in Crow Wing County.

4.  Lead the revitalization efforts in downtown Brainerd.

  • Identify and support signature projects in downtown Brainerd.
  • Solicit and support developers for downtown Brainerd.
  • Support a downtown coordinator position.
  • Continue to support Brainerd Restoration efforts.
  • Assist and financially support existing and new downtown businesses through rehab, acquisition and other programs.

5.   Continue to maintain and grow the overall health of the organization.

  • Review policies annually to ensure they are up to date.
  • Explore staffing needs and capacity.
  • Plan for succession and cross training.