SEH Building Redevelopment

The Brainerd HRA was involved in the Short Elliot Hendrickson building on South 6thStreet.


SEH Before

SEH After

The Brainerd HRA has also been involved in several other redevelopment projects including ISD 181 and the Franklin Art Center. The Brainerd HRA uses Tax Increment Financing and other financial tools to support redevelopment in Brainerd.

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SSRP Program Summary

The Healthy Community Partnership Housing Task Force (HCP) is comprised of representatives from the public, private, and non-profit sectors, including the City of Brainerd, the Brainerd Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA), Greater Lakes Association of Realtors, Positive Realty, Brainerd Savings and Loan, Progressive Property Management, Goedker Property Management, Habitat for Humanity, and Lutheran Social Services.  HCP is establishing a pilot Scattered Site Replacement Program (SSRP) in 2011 to reduce the impact of substandard housing in the city of Brainerd, to improve residential neighborhoods, to improve the City’s housing stock, and to increase the city’s tax base.  The Brainerd HRA will act as the fiscal agent and facilitator of the program.

Through SSRP, the HCP is able to:

  • Replace deteriorating housing on scattered sites throughout the City of Brainerd targeting an area in SE Brainerd with code compliant single-family housing.
  • Eliminate the influence of substandard housing on neighborhoods.
  • Increase the availability of quality housing for families.

The Program provides two options for redevelopment:

Option I: Non-Profit Housing Partner

This option will allow the HCP to develop a partnership with Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity or another non-profit housing partner.  The HRA, on behalf of the HCP, would negotiate the purchase of a selected property and enter into an agreement with the HRA for the purchase, demolition and construction of a single family home.  The HCP would provide the gap assistance based on funds available.

Option II:  Acquisition & Resale of Property by the HCP

This option involves the voluntary sale of substandard, homes and land to a private developer.  The HCP would negotiate the purchase price and the HRA would purchase the property, prepare the property for resale and redevelopment of new housing.   The property is marketed for resale to a builder/buyer team.  The builder/buyer team must then enter into a development agreement with the HRA for the construction of new housing on the site that will meet the program policies and guidelines.

Funding and Administration

Application is being made for major funding through the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency.  This funding will leverage substantial contributions from the Initiative Foundation, the Greater Lakes Area Realtors, the Brainerd HRA, and the Greater Minnesota Housing Fund. Additionally, HCP is requesting that the City of Brainerd investigate the opportunity to use its Housing Revolving Loan Fund and/or TIF proceeds from former housing projects.  The Brainerd HRA will act as the fiscal agent and facilitator of the program. SSRP is a voluntary program; the HCP will work exclusively with willing participants.  All information secured through the Program is subject to the Data Privacy Act.